Thursday, 19 May 2011

Our mission- part 2 (i)

  • What were some assumptions that were made in this initial step toward making a game for drug development? (We assumed that the game would be something very high level and a little bit boring, however this was not the case for chemistris.)
  • How are these assumptions limiting and how do they differ from reality?(These assumptions made us very close minded, we expected something like a question and answer kind of game where facts would be tested, however, we were given chemistris, which us fun and innovative, it was also very familiar as the majority of us play tetris.)
  • How are these assumptions helpful? (These assumptions will motivate us to find out more about the field.)
  • How would you modify the game to more realistically approximate enzyme inhibitor binding?(I would add examples of some of drugs used to target the disease, making it more realistic with real examples.)

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