Thursday, 19 May 2011

(I) Overview of Project

What is the theory/ concept behind the topic?

This project steers students to acquire computer game design skill and apply it to develop a chemistry game known as Chemistris. Students will also study molecular science, create and test play the game, and learn how to spark the creative thinking of the player.

The objective of the game is to combine the molecular blocks in order to form the molecular compound and the user will learn and memorize a list of the molecular compound. In the game, user can interactively control the blocks in a 3D environment and the game allows the user to control the viewing camera. Once the user successfully matches the molecules, score will be given and background image will be randomly changed.

-From Project Manual

The theory behind the topic is to use this game as a type of simulation for the development of drugs. It uses the concept of enzymes, active sites and lock and key drug design, where the main concept is that the disease molecules have an active site, usually a concavities in the structure of the protein, these diseases can be treated using enzymes that fit the concavities perfectly.

Pictures of our game:

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