Individual Reflection - Arthur Lee


(A)My key learning points from each session...
1. Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean
I have learnt that Singapore had dirty water 50 years ago in many of its rivers and lakes. As well as when water is swallowed will bring about various diseases like cholera and typhoid fever. Water will be what asia will spend the most money on. I also learnt that the best of technologies will fail because of carelessness.

2. Revoulution of Microelectronics Technology
I have learnt that it is transforming the electronics industry. I also learnt about BRAINWAVE, Bio, Radio, Auto, Info, Nano, H20, Audio, Video, Energy = mc^two, which are 9 key areas that if we master will help dominate the industry and better mankind.

3. Biomedical Engineering & Technology
I have learnt that there are three main areas of this subject, nano tech, bio tech and defense tech. I also learnt some history where professor Chad Mirkin, the science and tech advisor of Obama, says that Singapore is in a good position for nanotechnology. I also learnt that nanotechnology is making something with the same volume, reducing its size and gaining benefits from doing so.

4. IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon
I have learnt that any image can be animated and animation is an optical illusion of motion created by consecutive display of 2 or more frames. There are many ways of animation such as stop motion as well as the traditional way of animating which is drawing and coloring a picture and putting various frames.

5. Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is more important than you think
I have learnt that geodesist measures the shape and size of the earth, its gravity field, and how these changes over time. I also learnt that they make use of space based techniques, they can measure these things in great detail. The most important point however, is that sea level rise will not be the same everywhere.

(B) Deepest impression...

The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the 1st plenary session about the importance of water by Prof Ng Wun Jem.
What I like about it is how prof Ng injects more humor than the other lecturers in his lecture, making the content he is about the bring across easy to digest. The subject is also relevant because it affects all of us.


1. I chose this project because it seemed like the one that is the most interesting to me as well as the one that is the most unique.

2. My role in the group is the leader, even though I do take the leadership position, I also can take a backseat when needed.

3. Challenges we encounter when working on this project in the last 2 days were that some of the work and time was wasted, for example we worked alot on the boundaries for the game, but ends up it will cause the whole game to have intersection of the blocks thus, we had to work without it. We also found the code for programming rather tedious which is a problem, but programming is like that so we have to deal with it and use patience.

4. Through this project, we discover how hard programming can be as well as learn to deal with things that do not go according to plan.

5. As an individual, I have benefited from the programme, like learning how hard programming is as well as how to deal with things you spend a lot of time on but does not work out in the end.

6.My Aspirations is to be involved in something related to technology, because I have passion for technology, so as long as I do something that is related to something I love, I would be happy.