Individual Reflection - Wei Kang

The importance of water
Over 1.1 billion people have no access to clean water and even more do not even have any means of sanitation. I learnt that it is in an expanding industry that there will be the need innovation and entrepreneurship.
Revolution of microelectronics technology
The smaller a device is, often the better, all technology will aim at one point to the nano size and will aim to increase or at least maintain the power but keep the source of power at the same constant.
Biomedical engineering and technology
Nanotechnology is to make the things made by humans smaller and more convenient, and make the wonders of nature “bigger” through microscopes bigger so as to further study and analyze the more minute details in which nature has meant for us t use.
IT for animation by Prof Seah Soon
Animation is tedious and made easier by technology, so as many other flawed human made things.
Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, why gravity is even more important than you think
Sea level will not be the same everywhere due to the attraction and loading of multiple effects such as gravity and expansion and multiple other laws in the human world which can be explained by people like geodesist who measure the shape and sizes of the earth.
The plenary session that leaves the most impression on me is the importance of water. What I like about his is the fact that this is going to be one of the immediate problems I will be facing, all the other problems would most likely be solved by the time I grow old but usually with industrial solutions often lead to more sewage and waste in the earth’s ecosystem, thus, this will most likely be the worse of my problem’s when I grow up and definitely something I want to help in when the next generation arrives.


I am interested in computer game designing and so far all the games we were able to have a hands on experience on in making was digipen, and at that time, I was pretty disappointed because it was another you type and I copy type of “designing”, and I was hoping that I might be able to get a hands on experience in the game making procedure which I generally very happy because of the freedom given in making this game.

My role in the group is the designer, I try to set the theme or give the digital designs in the game. I help around the group in the loose areas of the project, giving help in the tweaking and designing of the game. But up until now I’m still bothered by the coloring system of the game.

The main challenge was that none of us were good at, or at least daring enough to prod the codings of the program because of our lack of experience, the codes of the programs in the iPhone was a lot less messy than this. But thankfully, the game programming program is a lot more convenient than x code because of the help system at the bottom conveniently explains each code and computer language to a certain detail of human understanding.

Through this project, we discovered that in no pain, no gain, or at least I learnt that, actually the better phrase would be no gain comes from no risk…. I think thats the phrase… at first, when the Professor said we were now free to do whatever we like to the program, I was shocked and and didn’t touch it for fear I mess up, but later gradually we starting exploring the areas (mainly because of the 5 challenges we needed to accomplish) I finally got a bit of programming knowledge by tweaking and often screwing the coding up leading with lots of problems and errors, but worthwhile in the end.

I benefited through the new knowledge of the systems in programing, like the red means command, grey is variable and green is just random notes, also I learnt the importance of ; inside programming because it led to several mistakes and causing a big mess of the entire place.

My aspirations is to take up more challenges (at a reasonable scale) and as I said, no risk equals nothing good, and I would lime to learn more about programming. But before I take these challenges I think I’ll have to buck up in my studies first...